March 28, 2011

Open to Receive

The author of today's reading in CTC asks, "How much can God give me if I am not going to open to receive?   When I hold onto a problem, a fear or a resentment, I shut myself off to the help that is available to me."  

What is my stance when I hold on tight to something physically?  My head is lowered, my eyes strain or squint.  My fist clench and, if I have fingernails, my nails dig into my palms. I hurt. And before long I am exhausted. 

Before I give into stinking thinking, and moan about my suffering, let me examine my attitude.  Maybe my pain will be released if I can just let go and trust God.

Can I realize that I don't need to hold on so tight in order to have my needs met? When I let go,  I am open to the world around me.  My head is held up so I can see, and my hands are free to embrace joyful and loving activity. I have energy for action. My eyes are open to see opportunities I might otherwise have missed.

Let me admit when my tense ways are not working, so I may decide to loosen my grip on one small thing today (Step Three).  I shall let go and let God.  

"All I had to do was become the least bit willing to open my clutched fist, a tiny, grudging bit, and miracles happened. That's God as I understand Him today."
As We Understand...


  1. Loosening my grip and falling into God's hands is good.

  2. Beautiful imagery, Syd........ as a child I felt like I fell into God's hands when I lay on my back and looked up the blue heavens with cotton clouds moving slowly across the sky.


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