March 3, 2011

Step Three: Turning....

(Adapted for personal use from February 28th's Courage to Change in Alanon.)

Turning over my will and my life to the care of a Higher Power (the third step) is an ongoing process. At first I just surrendered only the big problems. I felt I had no choice--I was clearly powerless, and my best efforts had let me down. There was nowhere left to turn except to a Power greater than myself who could accomplish what I could not.

As my recovery progressed, I came to trust this Higher Power. Today I am pursuing a deeper relationship by improving my conscious contact with God. When I face a decision, whether it involves dealing with a problem person, accepting a job offer, or making plans for the evening. I ask for guidance in each case.

When I pick up the phone to speak with a friend in program, I ask that I might serve as a channel for my Higher Power. I can't always know my Higher Power's will, but I can seek greater spiritual awareness every day by becoming willing to receive guidance.

Today's reminder

Faith takes practice. I will include my Higher Power in more of my actions and decisions today.

"Step three suggests I teach myself, from this moment on, to be receptive, to open myself to help from my Higher Power."


  1. Faith takes practice. That's true. Thanks for the reminder. I forget that sometimes.

  2. Yes, I find that faith comes with practice; it isn't something that has to prove itself to me, first, if that makes sense!


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