April 11, 2011

God and the Steps....

The wholesome spiritual philosophy of the Twelve Step movement has helped me to find my way into God's light. Everywhere I look today I find teachings that support my program.

I love the many ways the April 5th ODAT reading has influenced me these past few days.

It reminded me that, in our program, twelve "simple" steps are the medium that help us heal from "the sickness of despair, frustration and self-pity."

If I choose to live them. To that end,  "I pray for the willingness to accept the challenging discipline of the 12-Steps."  By observing the peace and joy of others in our program, I know that including the Steps  in my daily walk, will help my life become more worth living.  

Let me walk my way out of suffering by regular study of the Steps.  Help me, dear God, to refrain from letting misplaced guilt stop me from feeling that I don't deserve the gift that comes from self-discipline.  


  1. The study of the steps is really essential in meetings. The living of the steps is essential in recovery. Thanks for being an example of the latter.

  2. I sometimes wonder if I cheat and if my roots in program are as sturdy as others with more challenges and life experiences than I have had. Writing is my favorite program venue. That is what I call cheating!


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