May 23, 2011

The Pain of Loss, The Power of Program

Loss can take many forms--divorce, illness, job loss, even "emotional change."  

When my dear aunt lost her daughter ten years ago, she was devastated and in her grief she clung to her husband. Ten years later, her husband let go of life himself, after a downward turn in his health.  

If my aunt had had program, might she have chosen to nurture herself and pulled herself from the pit of despair, a bit earlier?  

No matter what I do, I cannot deny that pain and loss are a part of life. With the healing power of program fellowship I can regain my commitment to life.

Because I have program today, I am better able to use the passing of my uncle to feel alive in a new way. With the help of program friends, I have was able to choose to be present to my uncle's family and grieve in my own way in my own time.  I fnd it helpful to go back to Step One and admit I am powerless over this loss, and admit that my life is temporarily unmanageable. My enduring hope is in the power of surrender to my Higher Power, love. Step by step, I can learn to live with this personal loss, and with the pain of separation, knowing that life will one day be good again.  The steps guide my way and help me to face whatever comes my way.  

The program helps me to experience gratitude when things go well; it is especially helpful when things go painfully. It's structure, its tools and its stories of hope create rainbows out of tears. 

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