June 13, 2011

Step Ten: The Power of a Daily "Floss"

(Inspired by June 12th's CTC)

As today's author suggests, living one day at a time is not just about choosing not to live in fear.  It  means leaving yesterday's baggage in the past.

Have you decided to make the Tenth Step a part of your daily routine? I've heard of people doing this step each night before bed. But doing it first thing may be even better as I am powerless over bad dreams. Sometimes I need to clear guilt from my subconscious, before I can greet the new day. 

Whether I do it first thing today, or later,  let me  take a minute to search my conscience for negative feelings towards myself and others, and locate their sources. Will carrying  the burden of any mistakes l help me live a better today?   Or can I drop it for now,  and walk away from unwanted negativity  with a lighter spirit?  Help me God to let go of poisons that interfere with my serenity.

I also see this Step as a sort of emotional "flossing."  It prevents build-up of regret, resentment and guilt that can contribute to a downward cycle in spiritual health. 

The following quote ends this on a satisfying note for me, especially as my family has had baseball on our minds this past few months....


  1. I used to do this formally but now it is reflexive. I know when I feel bad that I need to do a check with myself inventory.

  2. Yes, feeling bad is quite the motivator for good work. There are still times that I get confused between a moral inventory and a bludgeoning.....


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