July 1, 2011

Another Day Towards Acceptance, Looking for the Good

Acceptance is my goal with my program healing.   It is hard these days to make fun while feeling a bit shut in during  our summer heat. The Slogan, Live and Let Live, as regards how I treat mySELF, is a challenge under these conditions of cabin fever. 

Tonight, I finally canceled the one week of music camp our son  had so looked forward to.  I held on to a bit of hope (and the character challenge of procrastination) . Now I need to let that  hope turn into a different one. I feel pretty boring without my son being able to have a  respite at the pool.   

But is another day closer in healing the break in my son's tibia.    Gratitude there!  

Today, a writer friend found an  article of mine, published in good form in a well-respected magazine. I had not heard from the editor and was expecting the worst. How grateful I am! I can stop feeling like I am in a writing doldrum and get back to work with queries, while I am shut in...

I also put just for today #4 in my  program priorities, which means I took time for a walk before turning in for the night.


  1. Sounds like a good day, Smitty.

  2. Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for stopping by Marcia, and for SEEING the good. There are good moments in each day, when I let go of my expectations....

    Maybe THAT is the key here in these longer days I have at home...

  3. I am sorry that your son won't go to his camp. I am glad about your article. That is great!


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