September 8, 2011

Letting Others Lead Me To a Larger Sense of Myself

September 8


In trying to change into being the person I want to be, I ask myself what kind of people I most enjoy being with. I like to be around others who have a sense of humor, who can laugh at themselves and giggle at life's
peculiarities. I enjoy those who are considerate of others' feelings, who are happy and comfortable to be with. I admire people who are positive in their thinking and who are even-tempered. I can become this kind of person by developing these qualities and characteristics. I must build on my assets, concentrating on the positive factors of my personality. I must ask my Higher Power for help to believe in me.

Help me to be the kind of person whose company I enjoy.

The going is slow, but I have all my life to work on this growth.

FROM: TODAY BOOK, ( "(C)Copyright Emotions Anonymous, used with permission of the EA International Service Center" (Third printing, 1991
 I am doing the rare thing and sharing a reading from our EA daily reader. I was moved by another person's sharing on the reading. He objected to an effort to change one's nature, by imitating others. He felt instead, that self-acceptance, of the good and the bad,  had to come before real change was possible. He felt that the characteristics mentioned in the reading revealed themselves after he practiced self-forgiveness.

To which I found myself thinking, "I think what S is saying, is that trying to change ourselves can lead yet to another form of addiction. The malaise of perfectionism.  I see this in my tendency to pick my skin or nails, trying to remove blemishes or smooth out rough edges, but only doing harm."

To me the Today reading suggests that  learning to recognize (discern) the positive influences of others who are emotionally healthy...and allowing ourselves to learn how to laugh, lighten up and enjoy life more... can be a Higher Power's blessing for us.

Through gentle changes healthy relationships influence my character. This is how program works. Not by using others to "fix" myself.  Instead I prefer to think of it as a process of education. To me the process of becoming educated means literally to let others help me bring new things out of myself. It is a developmental thing.  

Derived from mid-15century, the word educate means, to  "bring up (children), train," from L. educatus, pp. of educare "bring up, rear, educate," which is related to educere "bring out, lead forth," from ex- "out" (see ex-) + ducere "to lead". 

Love the power of words!


  1. My higher power works through other people, as long as I'm paying attention with an open mind and open heart. :0)

  2. Yes I so agree. When I met my DH, I was aware that the biggest decision is to recognize when a Higher Power has put someone into our lives for spiritual development. Then the next decision is to have faith. Or at least this was my own experience. Even more, was that I had to decide I was worthy of the good tidings. And stay committed when the inevitable storms hit. Faith again..

  3. I strive to be authentic and not to mimic another. It is hard since so many people influence our lives. It is easy to want to be someone other than who I am. But here I am. This is it. Why not be myself?


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