September 7, 2011

There's Power in Our Writing

I was reading the words in Hope for Today (September 6), where a member attended their first face-to-face meeting and found it good. So good, that they set an intention to attend meetings three times each week. But suddenly, unexpectedly, their life changed. 

It became impossible to continue meetings in their community.

Fortunately, they had bought enough program literature at their first meetings... to get started.  They found daily support in reading the stories and daily readings. That became their Program mainstay.  By taking time to study each story, they found it easy to implement an idea or two each day. Then they read about the Loner Program. By taking the necessary action, this person was soon exchanging letters with program members across the U.S. 

Over the course of a year, writing became a kind of Power greater than themselves.  It became "a guide and a reliable friend."  

I too have found the written word too be more than a primary tool for learning and living the program.   Reading and writing help even when I cannot see the whole picture of what I am seeking to understand. Writing helps me reclaim my power,  especially when I don't feel wise or I see things in our literature I don't agree with.

Should I ever find myself "out of the loop" or unable to make a face-to-face group,  I am grateful to learn that our program does indeed work.  "If I can't get to a meeting and a crisis strikes, sanity and serenity may be only a page away."  Or only a "post" away.  

Blogging is a powerful writing tool.  My story becomes another piece of literature I can draw on, if I write it down... 

Writing is Action.  Reading is too. When darkness again strikes my life and other people are not available, our literature offers comfort and ideas. I find I am not alone, and there is hope. 

Wherever I am, I will do my best to find or create a 12-step meeting. But even if I don't, by sharing in words, I can reciprocate in giving back the gifts so generously given to me. 


  1. Yes, words are powerful. I am grateful there is more than one way to get our program.

  2. I like what you said, Writing is action. Gratitude for the program.

  3. Thanks both of you for stopping by. Marcia, I am also grateful to know that the program can work even for shut-ins! One never knows.. And thanks for the affirmation, Di-Git... affirming that writing is action. You know I got hurt awhile back when I took someone's words too personally. Got to get past it when folks tell me words don't count, or worse yet, that writers don't "do." Ouch. If I had my sense of humor at that time I would have said, you must be misspelling that. Dog-doo...

  4. I write because it helps me to focus on what is on my mind. I can easily dodge those thoughts without writing them down. Writing keeps me honest.

  5. So helpful to me to understand your experience with words, Syd.
    I too find it easy to "dodge" or deny my thoughts if I don't take the time for writing...


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