November 9, 2011

Possibility Thinking... Creating a New Map for My Life

When I see others on the Recovery Path ahead of me, cobbling together a life that has some joy and peace in it, I too can imagine Possibilities for my new life. 

I find the plainest example of Possibility Thinking expressed in the meeting guidelines for our face-to-face groups: 

"We do not give advice on personal matters. Experience has shown it is more productive to discuss solutions rather than problems.  If we share the positives and solutions, we are more likely to leave the meeting feeling hopeful and optimistic."

I find these simple statements freeing and reassuring. It has been my experience that other's advice has sometimes limited my thinking. It has also been my experience that focusing on the problem can eclipse creative solutions to it. 

There are likely many other ways the Program encourages Possibility Thinking. 

I see Possibility Thinking in the 10th Promise, "We intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us."  Or in the Slogans, "Look for the Good" and "I have a Choice" (or as I heard a long ago EA friend say when she introduced herself each meeting,  "I have choiceS," which to me is like saying, "I allow myself new Possibilities.") 

As I shared yesterday, each Just for Today describes Strategies for living in the solution. Ways of living at peace with (not in denial, nor in getting rid of) unsolved problems. Just be being able to be at peace, I can begin to see Possibilities I might never have seen before. From peace, I create space for Possibility thinking.

Just for Today #4 puts it well,  "I will try to be happy, realizing that happiness does not depend on what others do or  say or what happens around me. Happiness is a result of being at peace with myself."

In fact, when I create room for happiness, there is room for Possibility Thinking.  This kind of thinking gives me energy and enthusiasm for living. Enthusiasm is an emotion that motivates me to stay focused more on solutions than on problems.  

Possibility Thinking requires Open-mindedness.  (HOW) The best Possibility Thinking occurs when I stay away from experts who already have the way charted.  For example, someone ahead of me on the Path, who turns round to tell me I am doing Program "wrong" is someone I need to steer clear of, for they are limiting my Possibilities.  

The best kept secret of Program is that there are pieces of "what others have done" in my story book, but the story must be invented by me from the unique options in my own life. 

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