November 9, 2011

May I share a voice with you?

Usually, her voice is in my head.   She is the one who raised me, and the one who belittles me when no one else is around.

My mom will never leave her most candid messages on the answering machine for our family phone.   But she did the most unusual last weekend and actually left me a voice mail on my i-Phone. 

It occurred to me after listening, shocked, that sharing it would help those who don't understand the borderline mind. Those interested, could experience firsthand how painful it can be to try to navigate the mind-field of someone who is constitutionally incapable of taking responsibility for their side of the relational fence.

If you know how I can create a gadget on my blog, that will let you experience the mind-set first hand, please feel free to email me privately.  Thanks!

Best, Smitty

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