November 11, 2011

Let Reflective Thinking Drive Action

What Slogans are helpful in exploring Reflective Thinking? Keep it Simple? Look for the Good? 

I read recently that most folks would rather act than think! My primary Program, EA, also suggests that action comes first.  

As for me, to do those first three Steps in program  I must take time to understand my life is unmanageable. Period. I must take time for five minutes of Reflective (careful) Thinking (discernment), before I can take action to save my life.

Awareness, Acceptance, then Action.

Reflective Thinking helps me to clarify details in the Bigger Picture, and understand HOW the disparate parts of program fit together to facilitate healing. Reflective thinking allows for discernment. Choices. 

To me, Reflective Thinking is embodied in the meditation and prayer of Step Eleven. 

The steps are in a recommended order, but sometimes, it is helpful to adapt and use them a wee bit earlier in our program walk.  I could not wait until I had done Step Ten, to begin allowing Step Eleven to work in my life. I've learned from comparing notes with others over the years, I am not alone in my discovery that the practices of this Step, are needed to make sense of the first three steps.  For me, a gratitude practice (and active meditation) eased me into the Reflective Thinking that helped me "get" the  Gestalt of the program.

When I take time to meditate I am better able to discern my most effective thinking approach.  Such Reflective Thinking allows me to act and to solve problems in a more peaceful way, with my HP's help.  

More than any other type of thinking, Reflective Thinking requires solitude. So, I must learn when to be alone, and when to break silence, in order to use this kind of thinking effectively.

On my list for today is breathing in, breathing out. Reflective thinking while the sun still shines.

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  1. I struggle with the radio in my head but I set time aside every day for quiet contemplation....


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