November 28, 2011

Speaking of Dollars (and Gratitude)

Now is the month in which I am very grateful for my mental/emotional health.  Thanksgiving was another milestone, for me.  

Emotions Anonymous supported me (and is there as a resource for all of us when we need it) on my road back to emotional wellness.  Consider supporting it with your contribution this month.   A special opportunity to double your dollar ends November 30, 2011

Emotions Anonymous International has been blessed by an anonymous donor, who has pledged to match individual donations of up to $500 per person, if you post your letter by this Wednesday.  (Be sure to note this intent on your check.) 

Gratitude Month is a special time to express appreciation for what EA membership has brought to your life. Some folks choose to give a specific amount for each year they have been in the program, others just give a special gift for all the things they have come to appreciate through EA. If you usually give at the end of the year and use it for a tax donation—how about doing it now while EA is still able to get that amount matched?

I am getting this out to you in the "nick" of time--- shows there is no time like the present!   

I'm not going to let  November slip away without making my donation. How about you?

Emotions Anonymous International
PO Box 4245
St. Paul, Minnesota  55104-0245

Phone 651- 647-9712

Breathing in gratitude, breathing out generosity…


  1. Hadn't heard of emotions anonymous sounds good!

  2. Jackie, it is one of the newer 12-step programs, with a nearly 35 year history. One of its major taproots came from Al-anon.

    I found it very interesting to discover in my outside reading, that Bill W (who founded AA) would have considered EA to be his dream for a mature AA traveler...


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