November 30, 2011

Smittys Take on the First Emotional "Sobriety"

I've been working on a checklist,  for completing Step One in the Emotions Anonymous program. 

Points to Consider

In working Step One you:

1. Admit your usual ways of handling your emotions  (habitual defense mechanisms) have caused significant problems in your life. 

2. Admit you are (at least temporarily) powerless to stop using these old defense mechanisms. You learn see how each time you react (involuntarily use habitual defenses),  your lose yourself or,  your emotions flare more out of control. 

3. Admit that your old defense mechanisms contributed to unmanageabilty in your day-to-day life.

4. Admit you are powerless to manage your life if you continue to use these automatic ways of thinking and acting.  You begin to recognize a few of these self-defeating habits.

Does it make sense? Do you see this as being of general value? Worth continuing the exploration?  Especially if EA is totally new to you, I would value your input. 


  1. I can identify with this completely. As you know from reading my blog my emotions flare up all the time over the smallest of slights. Like my blog was I'm a borderline mess...its hard to reign I'm...your posts mean so much to me I've come to look for them...

  2. What you are doing, to save your own life, matters to me. And others, who continue to read. I am glad to commend whenever I can.

  3. I had time with EA meetings and people a few years ago, which I cherish even today. I can still hear their voices and stories and hope, and see their expressions. It was my first experience with feeling that I belonged or was at home somewhere. But the meetings are too far away. I'm thinking now after finding your site that maybe I can go once or twice a month instead of weekly... I have much of their literature, too, and you have also inspired me to refer to my copy of Today regularly. My hope is refreshed in that. My hope badly needed refreshing.

    Being in Al-Anon now for a few months, and seemingly perpetually in step one :) , I found this post on EA and powerlessness to be particularly interesting and moving. And of value, in answer to your question.

    Thank you...

  4. Thank you for stopping by to tell me of your experiences!


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