December 1, 2011

Dollars and Sense, In EA

The SENSE of  the organization,  EA International,  is to do the work of publishing and creating (as needed) and distributing (with our local dollars)  literature to support our needs and changing understandings of mental health. 

Why new literature and pamphlets? Because, while the principles of recovery remain the same, as we continue sharing and applying the program to our particular situations,  our collective understanding deepens. Trusted servants revise our literature and create new publications (even calendars for 2012 like I saw in our latest newsletter) using our personal stories (with permission). In this way,  we get to "keep" ideas that work and modern stories  that capture personal knowledge that would otherwise get "lost" in the telling. 

Our stories are given for free, but what kind of SENSE they make, when put into print for others to learn from.  

I find it amazing that there is so much "sense" at EA International that helps our "cents" to work pretty darn hard. As a friend of mine put it, when she is given a penny it gets spent and returned and spent and returned, doing the work of five pennies. I would surmise that in EA, each dollar is spent pretty darned efficiently.  I know it is spent transparently, with accountability.  Now THAT is what I call the kind of SENSE that is keeping the core of EA alive.  

My humble opinion. I do not represent EA International, even if I occasionally lapse into "we" language.  

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