December 23, 2011

Meditating... on What It Means to Meditate....

Meditation. What is in it for me?

Science tells me that by using some form of meditation each day, I can change my brain structure. Wow.  Let 's get started now, then. 

What is meditation? In program we each get to answer that in our own way. 

It helps me to remember that every action can serve a spiritual purpose, when I designate it as so for me.

Our Serenity Prayer is an easy place for me to start. Between meetings I can use it. I can take myself  to a quiet place, close my eyes, and repeat each words of the Serenity prayer to myself in a gentle voice. Serenity. Courage. Wisdom.

Because I am a thought-oriented person, I need to get beyond my thoughts. I see if I can make time each day to practice putting my thoughts aside. To do this, I take a few minutes to concentrate on my breathing, counting from one to ten over and over as I breathe in and out.

At this time of year I like to make sure I connect with nature, in some small way.  I might focus on a landscape stripped bare of vegetation. Or the big sky above our backyard, now that we have removed more dead pines.  At night, I might focus on a candle flame or the rain or snow falling outside.  When my thoughts stray from my visual focus, I accept that my mind is just doing its job--thinking---and then gently return to my subject.

When I am really agitated that too can be a time to practice meditation.  Using H.A.L.T.  --Hungry, Agitated, Lonely, Tired-- invites me to be still and meditate.  When I halt, I might simply watch my thoughts, and detach from their story,  as if I were watching someone else's play. 

Sometimes in my meditation, something comes to mind that I find myself powerfully grateful for.  I find myself grateful for inner peace in my life, even as I have challenges with my borderline disordered mom and our potential move. 

What about you. How do you motivate your meditation practice? How has your practice benefitted you? 

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  1. "let's get started now, then" made me smile. :) absolutely. meditation has helps me remove the anxiety. sometimes it is just for a few seconds. long enough to listen to my breath. it has benefited me by the AWARENESS. My sense of well being improves each time I take the time to mediate and I have the memory of that to encourage me to continue...


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