December 5, 2011

Where From Comes the Love that Sustains Me?

I came across something in a religious reading, dated for today that was a beautiful echo of a conversation with a dear Program friend: 

A friend described his grandmother as one of the greatest influences of his life.  Throughout his adult years, he has kept her portrait next to his desk to remind himself of her unconditional love. 'I really do believe," he said, "that she helped me learn to love."

Not everyone gets the chance for this exact experience of human love, but we can experience a Higher Power's love even if we did not get our fill of love from our families. 

I think we eventually find that we are able to find and to love our Higher Power, because our Higher Power has loved us. I like to think my HP is just waiting in the wings while I "check things out."  Waiting until I look around and recognize a Higher Power has been there all the time. 

The reading went on to use another metaphor for Spiritual sustenance, water.

It said to me that my  HP's love for me  is not a slowly dripping faucet.  Nor is this love a well that I must dig myself. (While all along, I thought I had to work hard for a Higher Power to be able to do their work with  me!)  

Spiritual strength is a  rushing stream that flows from God's heart into ours.   We can know this, regardless of our early history, whether we were well-loved in our family of origin or not.

We can draw from the mighty stream of our HP's inexhaustible Source and know He or She  cares for us, loves us unconditionally. We can pass on that love to others without being depleted too!

I see that is exactly why we can give the new-found love away (once we have quenched our thirst) and there is more, much more to come...

Cast thy burdens upon the [One,] and He shall sustain you.... F. Mendelsohn


  1. I too feel that God's love flows into our hearts. We don't have to dig the well to find the water.

  2. There is much more to come. I have just scratched the surface.

  3. Yes, this is a deepening path, and one that connects us more and more to one another. With good boundaries of course!


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