December 3, 2011

Thinking, the Good Kind

Not diseased, not distorted. Clear, honest, open. Constructive.

I often hear the sentence in these rooms, "my best thinking got me here."   I always find my head nod at that. Even though, down deep, I see it this way-- it's my "old" thinking that got me here.

Sometimes it will seem I am being told to NOT think.  But that is my black-and-white thinking kicking in. For Program only teaches us not to think, so much.  

And on the positive, it has taught me there are lot more choices in healthy thinking and simple awareness, than I used to have.

Thank HP for my being re-directed some twenty odd autumns ago,  from a closed meeting in AA in a particular German town.   The good folks sent me down the road a week, across town, to a particular small meeting where I could begin to learn to speak my emotions, in German.  

(Emotions Anonymous has many many EA meetings in most larger German towns. An interesting contrast to life in these United States.) 


  1. Glad that you found your way to where you belonged. Al-Anon fits me like a comfortable glove.

  2. Me too, Syd, me too. A mature Alanon group feels like EA to me, a soft place to land with real strategies for recovery, shared.


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