January 11, 2012

Seven things about me

Seven things about me, thanks to a few of my blogger friends, Lou at  Subdural Flow, and Marcia at for the prompt:

I am five-foot-four with eyes of blue. And once had nearly white blonde hair when I was a little girl. Now I am returning to my whiteness.

I was born in Massachusetts, in a suburb of Boston. I have ALWAYS wanted to move back there. Instead I grew up on the west-coast , reaching near-maturity in Washington state and California.  Received all my college education there and met my husband in New Orleans in 1986. After we married we moved to San Diego, then to Germany (Braunschweig), when the wall was coming down between East and West Germany.

Coming back to the States, we relocated to New York state. Enroute, I suffered a breakdown, due to worry and lack of sleep. What a life changer that was!  It brought me to use the 12-steps as a path to hope.

I am a mom, who had her only child late in life. I had a second breakdown when our son was four, and I am still discerning the puzzle of H.O.W. that one (and successive waves) happened. 

It took me a few years to return to 12-step recovery and fellowship. I feel that recommitment helped me reclaim my life one-day-at-a-time from a schizophrenia diagnosis.   As I work with my most troubling beliefs I sense that I reduce the likelihood of relapse.   I've learned my particular vulnerability is ephemeral and responds best  to medical intervention during crisis and weaning from medications (with hope and a commitment to realistic thinking) in between crises. 

I swim, walk and do yoga for my mental, physical and spiritual health.  I dance or jump on the trampoline when I can't get out of doors. I love nature. While I  am not great about taming it by gardening, mowing and landscaping,  I admire those that do.

I am a quarter Ukhrainian, a quarter German and a half "How." I can explain that last bit if anyone is interested!


  1. I am interested! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You mean about HOW? My dad's name is Howard, How for short.
    When I was a kid, I always wanted to know about HIS ancestry, since my mom's was so colorful.
    He'd always say, "I'm part Indian." Only as an adult did I get the joke, which my mom squelched. For the proverbial movie Indian would say, " How" with his hand raised.

  3. These were interesting, Smitty. I got the HOW when you wrote it. I like these 7 things.


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