January 9, 2012

The End in Sight

Now that our family has sat and waited for  months, weathering rumors, paranoia, and Kafka-esque jokes about DH's work, we are now told that we'll be moving out of limbo within days.  Next week.

At last:  definite, final, triple-checked decisions. In  a few days,  the staff will each have their 15-minute appointment where they will receive the letter telling them where their new work assignment will be, should they choose to go.

This morning, DH called me to share how everyone drew straws, to find out the order in which they will receive their letters. Some day next week, my man is will be the first to go into the office to meet with the bosses.

DH might get this news on his birthday after all  (Good thing I did not place a bet against it)!

Will we be shifted to a location in the next county, somewhere else in the Southeast, or to somewhere where the cost of living is beyond our current means?  Don't go there, Smitty. 

Now comes the focus on Step Eleven, praying for acceptance...as we face the imminent news of DH's next job placement.   Let me continue to see the good in our situation, regardless of the outer realities (economic, interpersonal, political). 

Praying for inner peace,  while knowing there will be emotional waves. To ride. To ride.  Breathe just, breathe. 


  1. We left our country behind fourteen years ago, and believe me, that was a sad experience. On the other hand, we have gained so much from our move and having to re-examine our values and prejudices. Change is good, but it can be unsettling and take a while to adjust to.

  2. Oh, I feel for you! I do not like change, and I really don't like limbo. Even if you know when the limbo will end.

    I have enjoyed reading while you worked through this. Life's challenges really CAN be an opportunity to grow.

    I'll be awaiting the news;)

  3. Thank you Lou, I have truly been helped by knowing that others care and that I am not alone on this journey~

  4. I am not good at waiting for God or anyone else for that matter.


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