January 7, 2012

Limbo Large and Broad... Entering Paradise?

Our family is not alone in our state of limbo of course. I've shared that all the researchers at my husband's work place await reassigment. That right there helps in handling the enforced uncertainty.

Like in our Programs, together we have Strength.

But each day I have a more poignant touchstone that keeps me honest and helps me not indulge in private pity parties.  One of  DH's fellow scientists lives nearby and his wife is in a very different limbo. J is accepting a diagnosis of cancer, with great courage. We want her to outlive her dis-ease. We have prayed for this ever since she first discovered her cancer in late summer of 2009, before we had any inkling of our shared work-related fate.

J and her husband are dealing so well with uncertainty that they have a whole community gathering round them, because the way they are living this time is so inspirational to us all.  I see how being open about vulnerabilities and having faith is healing for everyone with whom we have contact. 

I tell my DH  that our little family are on borrowed time, but these friends are in such a more challenging place and bearing it with great dignity and humor. Perhaps that has raised the bar for our family?  I know for sure it has made us aware that we can reclaim our faith day to day. It has also made us aware of living at peace with the present moment. It truly is all we've got. 

"Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go."  Brooks Atkinson

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