February 5, 2012

The First Step as Teacher

The first step is a good teacher for me.  I've learned that reacting to my emotions is the powerlessness that makes my life unmanageable.  Allowed to escalate, my reactions  might even cause me to self-destruct. Meditation has been a way for me to learn to stop reacting. 

In EA, we have 4 A's. Some folks put Action first. Not me-- not unless sitting counts as an action. These days  time spent sitting is my way of allowing myself to become aware of and begin to accept my emotions.

I see each A as gradually leading into the next, through a practice of patience and forbearance. 

Awareness => Acceptance=> Changed Attitudes => Creative Actions


  1. I love the A's - Al-Anon uses, Awareness, Acceptance, and Action. But I like adding Attitudes. An important step in changing those.

  2. A good reminder that awareness and acceptance are equally important as action.


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