February 2, 2012

WTF? Ads attached to my WORDS?

I am not happy to find advertisements inserted on "random" words in my writing.

How do I undo the links or sabotage their efforts to infiltrate the world in which I do my private communication?

This feels distinctly like a leech attaching itself to the flow of my creativity with every keystroke. Yecch. 

And what happens to things that are supposed to be outside of public view, like on list serves... where only members post. Why are these advertising leeches allowed to attach to what is deeply personal and private?  Hmmm?

Now I find it very interesting that none of the words I within this entry have a single "advert leech" attached. Wonder how I can do that same trick, next time?

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  1. Strange stuff and the two indecipherable words that have to be typed in before commenting are the pits.


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