May 26, 2012

No Time for Procrastination!

We are just days (hours) away from having the moving folks do their work, and ....ten days from occupying our new home.

There is not too much time left here in our current home to procrastinate. And it is hot in our Southeast Piedmont. 97 degrees.

It's procrastinating weather.... so I will share snippets of my moving experience, and quote from the May 24th EA reading.

"Remembering the ruts and holes I used to dig myself into, I have finally realized that [much of my anxiety] is caused by my character defect of procrastination. I wait until the last moment to do all the things I have been planning to do for several months."

At the end, like in a move,  everything undone calls out for completion.The resulting guilt is not worth the indulgence of procrastination. I have accepted that I will not accomplish all the goals I wanted to achieve.  

Our move is teaching me to  keep my "job list" realistic and to do the best I can with it.   Moving, and letting go, is also teaching me that when I ask for help I am less likely to procrastinate!

Procrastination can lead me one rut closer to my deep hole of anxiety, guilt and sleeplessness. Let me begin  a few things today, big or small, and be grateful for each accomplishment.

"Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday." Don Marquis

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