June 21, 2012

Getting Back Online, One Step at a Time with Computer Technology

One ability I developed in my move was to limit my access to technology so as to stay in the here and now.

From the end of May until the second week in June, I only had cell-phone access to my accounts. Getting onto my blog, and typing,  was so cumbersome I knew that sharing here was not  something God-bidden.

Then came the Saturday a few weeks ago, when I could no longer put off getting internet access. My son needed to play with games and friends in our old town, and I needed too re-establish my writing connections. 

Was this ever an obstacle course.  I tried every means to create my own package of services that would compare in price to our old home town. 

I chose satellite tv, but its lag time was not going to cut it for my son's gaming access.

Our town's mayor chose to do business with one cable provider.  Our old affordable Baby Bell has not been allowed to expand into this rural market. I had first to "get over" my huge resentment, that someone else had limited my choice of high speed internet access. 

Once I made up my mind to pay the one provider's much higher monthly fee, then I had to wait a week for them to fit me in. 

Metrocast set me up easily and then departed. They never connected me to the internet!  (I immediately practiced getting over it, and called up technical support.) 

They were phenomenally helpful.  Alas,  they set me up with yet another account (I have too many accounts now, and am forgetting passwords!)  But as Murphy's law would have it,  tech support at Metrocast could not help me set my preferences for my gmail accounts.  

One of my strengths is that I am very wiling to do things trial and error. 
Trial and error demonstrated to me that I had changed a password for one particular gmail account,  just prior to the move. As luck would have it, this account accesses my blog.  

My back up email for password retrieval is at my bellsouth address. That old Baby Bell account was particularly corrupted.  

Now, it was time to get help from a company with which I no longer had DSL tech support!  The blessing came when I could not find the contact number for their DSL tech support. By googling I found out that coincidentally, right about the time of our move, the Bell South server made some final changes in its internet "settings." 

I discovered I was able to take care of my needs using their online site, without calling any technical support. Another first for me!

I am proud of myself for working out all the preferences for each of my old email accounts!  
And grateful for my good characteristics: persistence (AKA stubbornness)... and a spirit of adventure.  

Being the change I want to see, in a world that is a lot more intimate. And where what I do and say might just be remembered and shared, in a small community. 

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  1. Good for you! I have found that if I am too tired or too frustrated, if I come back later and just keep persevering, I can usually figure things out. If it's over my head I'm not above asking for help!


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