June 25, 2012

Boxes and my Program

I don't fit into boxes and I have a hard time living a life from boxes.  It has been three weeks now since we made our "geographic" change. 

Me, I am at the place where I am not wanting to deal with unpacking boxes any more!!!

Looking for the good. It is super that DH is bringing some new energy into the house this weekend. And new commitment.  Last weekend he was out of state and son and I languished while he was away, courting laziness and guilt.  Well not completely. 

To give my son and I some credit, we got library cards within a week of our move. We joined the city swimming pool, and have gone there several times a week, maintaining our anonymity (so far).  (I hope to go there shortly so as to honor part A of EA's "Just for Today #4").  

And in doing our emotional homework, son and I made it a priority to be very present as our cat got "Teu" (pronounced "Toy") used to her new home too. It was important to spend time hanging out with her outside, even if we were allowing the boxes to stagnate indoors.

 I also honored another program tool, doing at least one thing I don't want to do. How many times have I showed up to shop at Walmart (an establishment I usually avoid), because it was the only place to buy organizational items? Last weekend, I got more of our kitchen unpacked. Then,  I lost momentum.  That is when I fully "checked out" on unpacking." Instead I did sudoku, read some books, focused on making nice meals at home.   To escape the cluttered  house as much as possible, I  visited antique stores and plant nurseries,  and initiated a day-trip.  It was great fun to traipse off to the nearby "big city" that accepts our museum membership from our old region. 

Alas, it can seem that each box that we try to unpack now has some residual stuff that we cannot find a good place for, yet. It is frustrating and seems wasteful of time, when we go looking for things we need and cannot find them. 

I found our coaxial cable for the dvd player in a box that was totally unrelated to anything else I could imagine.  I mean, why didn't the movers put the cable in with the t.v. or the dvd player?  

(Because they are not us, and because their fast work was the closest our HP could get to beaming us up from old home. Really,  gratitude is in order. Unpacking, in some regard, is a bit like Christmas. Right? Well, seriously, will complaining help me if I overindulge in it? I don't think so..."

OK, so back to program.  Gratitude and doing the next right thing. 

Banana bread using my old black bananas might be a good metaphor. What "neglected" thing can  I use in my life,  for Good?


  1. to me, it sounds like you are off to a great start!

  2. Thanks for outside perspective, Marcia. It is easy still for me to focus on what I don't have done yet. All those unpacked boxes are so visible and seemingly endless..


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