August 5, 2012

Movies of the Mind, Dreaming

It  is a  week since DH and I slept on the couch bed in our friend K's living room. It was more comfy than camping, but less private.

The movie, Fargo,  had already made a nick in my psyche, exposing  my emotional vulnerability even before the dreams began.

In rooms without doors, I am more vigilant and tend to sleep lighter.  That's when my subconscious gets more easily gets my attention, making new connections between life drama and my inner story. 

It doesn't surprise me that I would experience dreams that would use Fargo's plot line. But  it did surprise me that I carried away conversation, words, into my waking life.

In my dreams, our friend K wanted me to understand why she loved the movie so much.

Each time I woke,  I surfaced, just long enough to think. The vivid shard of each dream came through my conscious mind, complete with words. 

My first message from her,  "You see how each person the car salesman chose to carry out his plot,  had their own desires?  That's where their power corrupted his plot and twisted it away from his intent."
Then I woke to a cascade of conscious insights. Indeed.  Each character in this story had autonomy. Each made unexpected changes in Macy's plot. Their agenda, their unique character,  fought the plot.   The wife fought her kidnappers. One kidnapper's basic nature fought a simple execution of a kidnapping, and ended up in three witnesses being killed.    Later, Macy's father-in-law fell victim, when he acted out his personal drama in delivering the ransom money.  

These are just a few examples of how a character's "signature" pushed the unfolding story farther  from Macy's intended target. 

All this was surprisingly clear to me, in the middle of the night.   I thought this might be enough message from my subconscious and that now I could have dream-free sleep.  But, when I returned to sleep, K seemed to want me to understand more.

"You see, people are everywhere corrupting good plots too. Imagine, a selfless parent volunteer, who keeps crossing paths with a friend's husband while working on a school mission. She sees the man's talents applied to the project along with hers. What if she entertains the idea of having a love affair with this man? All it takes is for her to imagine how easily it could happen, and to keep this a treasured secret, but take advantage of every chance of a meet-up until the inevitable finally happens. In the middle of an altruistic activity, two families become a train wreck.  You see how the movie is telling us about our own small town lives?"

I can still can remember the details almost a week later.  That, for me,  is a HP at work, helping me, in my unconscious hours, to "make sense" of triggers in my daylight life.

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