August 14, 2012

Step Six, WTF?

Uh-oh, Step Six. With its words that still bug me.

"Became entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character?" Entirely ready? When is that ever going to happen, if I am real with myself?

Worse yet, who am I kidding about the direct object of this sentence?   I don't even like  the term D.O.C.  What's up,  Doc? Only resistance, if I don't want to admit to being having defects (just a short hope from thinking I am defective, again!) 

Guess I better meditate on this one, before I make myself look for the good in Step Six.


  1. Uh oh is right - looks like you're intended to "learn" something again, with the struggle thing and all.

    Yuck! :)

    DOC, in AA, stands for "drug of choice" and I never like that one either. A drug is a drug is a drug kind of philosophy.
    Good luck as you muddle through step 6 again! Hey, you obviously made it through five again :)

  2. Thank you for explaining the DOC acronym from the AA point of view. Most helpful. We are not alone in our distaste of "certain" words.

    I am glad not to be alone. But I also promise to make good and not curse (even in acronyms) in my next share!

  3. "But I also promise to make good and not curse (even in acronyms) in my next share!"
    I must have missed it, didn't read cursing. But, speaking of:

    Any idea was FINE stands for in AA,, which I would suspect crosses over to all 12-step programs - now this one IS an AKA I like,, and, frankly,, use with clients.

  4. Come again? FINE stands for? You are saying the idea of FINE is an AKA you like... Right?

    Just want to be sure I understand.

  5. Thanks for expressing these thoughts. I think I worry too much about being "entirely ready" but then it feels natural when the time comes.


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