September 8, 2012

Notes, On the Beginning

"Let's start at the very beginning...
A very good place to start"

Ah, the Sound of Music...Those words rose up in me today after my breathing meditation. I am so grateful for a meditation group where yoga prepares us for mindfulness meditation and I am not required to sit straight as a rod. I can bend and shift position when uncomfortable, and even sit in a chair when needed. And this group, like others in my community, is free.

Almost better than church, for me!  (No offense intended) 

Today when  breathing in I silently recited, " I am who I am."   Breathing out,  I experienced,  "I accept myself and my emotions."

Why was Step One so easy for me?   I guess it was because, even before I came to the program, I knew I was not supposed to be in control of my emotions. It was just much work, fighting the river in me, resulting in too much unmanageability.

Admitting powerlessness allows me to find true power, connecting my heart and mind in ways I never expected.

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