October 1, 2012

Expressing Gratitude is Cool, Even When...

I just had to use that subject line, so as to chip away at my irritation with the word, "cool."

"The struggle ends when the gratitude begins."  Neal Donald Walsch

Speaking of cool, I wrote  a gratitude list  just now,  remembering things I had been wanting to write down about this summer and the good things about our new home town.

About the magnolia blooming behind the library in August.That shade was a blessing for me, and for the tree,  buffeted from the full sun that would have had it blooming two months earlier.

Then there is my joy at last night's solid sleep. Really cool, actually. Not something I take for granted.

Last night,  I noticed that I was a bit more energized, and I did not wind down as easily as I usually do.  Even at midnight.

I did not find out why until I befriended someone at my church fellowship on Facebook this morning.  Due to a grey Friday and Saturday and rain last night, I missed the last stages of the developing full moon.  This September moon, a blue moon actually, would have been the biggest moon of the year. A harvest moon. 

My younger women friends were mightily affected by the moon, even hidden by clouds. They let me know in their Facebook posts this morning, that they DID feel the effect of no sleep. They joked about lunacy.  

Lunacy is not my friend. 

I would have loved to have seen this moon, for I love the moon.   Alas,  I know I slept better from being just slightly out of touch with it.

Sound sleep is essential for my mental health. My one tiny pill, the smallest dosage,  helps me sleep deeply and with vivid dreams. I will take it shortly. Cool. 62. That's exactly the kind of temperature I like, and where I live that means autumn at last.


  1. Nice to read about gratitude. I am taking a class on Happiness at the Zen Center and our assignments require a daily gratitude list.
    Looking forward to examining what happiness means to me.

  2. I hope you are enjoying your daily gratitude lists! Do share!


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