January 11, 2013

As It was in the Beginning?

I am learning  "whatever I believe in,  or cling to, makes me unavailable to hear anything new."  This can apply even to how I work this "simple program."  (Or in how it "works me.")

Once I find  the program works to create more peace of mind, I can become very gung-ho and want to share it with all kinds of people who I think need it. I know I am really attached when my mind closes  to their objections and I try to over-ride their truth.   

Or it can be more subtle. Suddenly I discover I have so much attachment to a particular method of doing the program, that  I may not be comfortable with any questioning of the program, that threatens "my"  understanding of it. I get angry or defensive or accuse someone of creating chaos, not "doing" program the way I learned to do it from an old-timer in my forum or group.

Just as in any Spiritual journey, there comes a point where my particular faith practice is tested.  And so, Step Twelve becomes Step One, again. 


  1. Honesty

    And that is HOW we work it. Frankly, from here I'd say you are doing a splendid job!! Some of what you describe is age, I believe. This is where we get to shift our focus on open-mindedness and do some more work in this area. Have a great weekend

  2. I don't want to force my spirituality on anyone. I believe that there is a wonderment in so much, an energy of connectedness. Some people will feel something greater than themselves in time.


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