January 12, 2013

It's Twelve to One?

How exactly does Step Twelve re-turn to Step One?

Step Twelve is not a destination.   Silly, I think I "got" something for keeps. Instead, I've  gotten complacent and need to relearn something I thought was "behind" me. 

It happens when I encounter a life trigger or new challenge. When  a tried and true ritual shows itself ineffectual, that is when I got seduced by a method that proved  to be a means, not an ends. 

Another place my faith in program is tested by folks who come in with new, burning (to them) questions. Right where I place my most faith, that is where they pose their question.  I had my own burning questions when I came in the door, but I was too afraid to ask them. I've learned listen to those with courage who step right up and dare to ask the "tough" questions.  I don't let those people turn away from program, easily. 

I certainly do my best not to dismiss their concerns. 

The founders of our parent program, AA, Bill W and Bob S,  themselves walked to a different drum in their turbulent times. They challenged a belief system held against drunks.  The Savior Jesus, or Buddha challenged their status quo in their time. Funny, how we want to try and replicate what such eclectic predecessors did and codify  THEIR way, for ourselves today. We fail to recognize that the eclectic only works if we are not attache to it, ourselves.   Spiritual truths are always being rediscovered and tailored to our lives. Everyone cobbles together a program that works for THEM.  

The principles are the same, way they are applied must adapt as our cultural geography, our technology and our ways of speaking to one another are always changing. 

Creativity keeps us from becoming too attached. Perhaps it helps us Kill the Buddha, so those who disagree with us are not tempted to do that for us? 

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  1. I like that newcomers wonder about faith and spirituality. It's when someone comes in who has it all figured out that makes me question things.


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