January 17, 2013

Pausing for Birthday Perspectives

Let me take a break from my attempts to examine my program understandings, through a Pema Chodron "filter."
I'll be willing to begin again tomorrow, with a fresh understanding and new words.

Speaking of beginnings... fourteen years ago, our son was born on his dad's birthday, which was today. I am amazed at all that has happened in our lives since that day. 

When our son was born, and DH became a father, he also got a cancer diagnosis. He got his news on a Friday the 13th, and his surgery was on a close cousin's birthday.  Just before the surgery, he made the decision that he would quit his postdoctoral and stop commuting, and he put in one last job application. 

This time, he landed the job, and we ended up moving to the Southeast.  We had thirteen wonderful years in the Southern Piedmont before that job ended and his current one began. 

But I think about the geographic, family, job, changes of that year, 1999, and am really appreciative of the life we have. DH's health. Our son's milestones and the friends we all have from our last hometown.  We thought we would be in our old hometown forever, and  this time last year, I was dreading the unknown. 

This time of year always has me looking at the road behind us and the road ahead. This year, it is a whole new roadmap. 

Who knows, this year, I might even get a job. But first,  an inventory, and for this inventory I'll need a parachute!

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  1. I hope that the year is a good one for you. But each year will have its ups and downs for sure.


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