March 19, 2013

Clearing Space in Wilderness

This  Lent, I learned that before I could discern a practice for spiritual discipline, I needed to clear space in my life for God to work on me. 

Doesn't Step One's admission of powerless create just such a clearing?  Once I admit I am powerless over the wild nature of my emotions, I can understand where my real power lies. I've found that I have to sit still long enough so that I can really see my personal wilderness, and feel it. Running, adrenaline would keep me from actually feeling  any pain at all.

Once I felt the pain of the brambles and thorns in my emotional wilderness, I learned to ask questions, like what in my nature and habits  prevents me from creating space for God to heal me?  Am I a workaholic, or do  I lack discipline and balance?  I often do things the hard way.   I see ways I am impatient, sarcastic, unable to listen.

 What about you? Where are you are "driven" when you first stop and listen for the still, small voice?  What tempts you most when you try to stay still?   For me I am driven to judge and to complain and to feel dry and bored with myself.  

How do  I create space in wilderness, which to my human sensabilities appears to be chaotic, messy or boring? 

I can ask for guidance in discerning what will help me most in creating more free space. But you, and only you, can select your best practice to open yourself to God. 

Lent traditionally asks for practitioners to decide to give something up (for a time). But it can also mean taking on a new discipline. Or a small project for the period you choose. Working on something with limited scope will have great benefit. So choose small. It is beautiful.

Early settlers often tried to clear too much land before planting, and became overwhelmed. Instead, you begin by trusting that one small patch will be just what is necessary for God to come through, that will create more openness later.

Imagine in your mind's eye, your ideal clearing of space. What change would make your life feel a bit more open, relaxed, trusting?

Picture the practice that will enable more freedom over the next few weeks and into the remaining year. 


  1. Hey there,
    This particular Lenten Season, I am intent upon daily reading, meditation, and prayer. Can I improve on this? YES!!! And the Thursday after Easter I intend to do so. To answer your question, my life is missing that weekly hour of fellowship, not church service, but mid week, a time to open my bible with fellow Christians. This particular study is for the purpose of identifying our Spiritual gifts. While I feel I know what mine are, I'm not sure it is how God wants to use me. I hope through this 8 week study I'll learn how God wants to use me.
    Meanwhile,,, MELTING MN SNOW SO I CAN GARDEN will be a significant clearing space for change


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