April 3, 2013

Lent Continues On, For Me...

The Monsanto Rider Bill struck me hard, last week. I learned everything I could about the corporation who serves to benefit the most from the sneaky rider that was anonymously insert into our Federal Budget last week.

This Bill, if not passed, would have shut our government down. And it gave large agri-biotec companies the permission to push on business as they see fit, in their GMO crop push, with immunity from prosecution should there prove to be public health consequences from their rush to put more GMO crops into our environment.

Reading, and asking questions about this last week, took me from my Lenten focus. 

But my mother reminded me Russian Easter is much later this year, so I can take time over the coming weeks, to get Monsanto out of my Lenten garden space.

But I am keeping my eyes on them.

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  1. If we knew the half of what goes on with Monsanto and other huge corporations, we would weep. Meanwhile the planet weeps and dies.


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