August 24, 2013

Healing the Broken Link

The last time I shared I had just put myself out into the cold, by stepping out of  a recovery space in which I thought I was a trusted member.

I seem to have taken a good two month hiatus from that group in my 12-step community, and it may have been the pause that refreshes.

After much prayer and meditation, I let myself back in and let a trusted servant know, so he could keep watch for me.

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  1. What complicates things, is that for some legitimate reasons, the list does not call itself a Group, in the truest sense.

    It is not autonomous, for one thing. It is administered by the organization. Because of its being an online check in for individuals, it is nearly impossible to do usual Group work, taking regular "meeting" time to go over the Traditions or do a Group inventory can be too great a challenge online.

    I understand this, but do wonder if that is where my deepest personal challenge is emerging from?

    Being as honest as I can be, Smitty


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