March 24, 2014

Beginning Where I Am

This first part of my year has flown by!

My focus has been on  a writing course and on the "coincidence" of several deadlines at the very end of February. It brought me so much joy to be in the swing of my passion, writing.

As that ended, I switched my focus to Spring break and a rendezvous with friends in Georgia, exploring the trails and historical footprint of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the days before (and after) he sought treatment for the polio that attacked his lower body in his late 30's. It is a miracle that the man went back into politics, at all, to return to New York to become governor. And then,  use what he learned about the Depression (ravaged soils, poor families, no electricity on the farms) from folks in Georgia, who were living the worst times ahead of the rest of America--to help bring Americans together when he was president during 30's and 40's of last century.

I have something to say here, that I cannot share easily, that is personal and involves a dear friend. That friend has never been my Sponsor (she does not believe in that role, for herself), but she has been a big sister to me for almost a decade. We have only met once, but I call on her for things big and small, that affect how I deal with emotional upsets and with sharing my program walk with others. 

My friend is in the process of being diagnosed with cancer. It is not one with great statistics.  It is in one of those more silent organs that often only gets our attention, too late.  I am so wanting to stay in touch with her and support her, but I know that her challenges limit her energy even more than usual.

I've no wish to burden her with my more petty mundane problems. Nor do I wish to play Pollyanna. Asking how she is doing … seems like it could get old. 

She is so important in my life!  But I don't know how, exactly, to be "normal" with her and do the small talk thing (which she is actually gifted in).  Right now she needs to take care of herself. She also needs to stay positive, and ignore the statistics. 

I feel so blessed to have seen an email response she shared on a forum to which we both belong. I have not seen her there in weeks, so even her short post (not at all focused on herself, giving no glimpse of her health concerns) gave me great joy.  

I loved K's  simple signature quote: "I am a statistic of one, no more, no less."  I love and cherish her spirit!

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