March 22, 2015

Guides to the God of My Understanding

Today I take inspiration from Iyanla Vanzant's sharing on God's Postulates. Sharing them, using simple words, is my exercise for healing over this next "number" of days:

Truth 1:  God (the Divine) is the one power that governs life, mind and Spirit.  (Not me! Not my mom.)

Truth 2: Every living thing is a unique expression of God's identity.

Truth 3: "We have nothing but time," and will be continually offered opportunities to repeat and re-create in our lives.

Truth 4:  "God does not punish us." No, we don't need any help in using guilt and fear to do this ourselves.

Truth 5: "There is Divine order to everything in life."  I am exactly where I need to be, at any given time.  (Especially when I don't believe it.)

Truth 6:  "Life is the unfolding of experiences designed"  to bring my awareness to natural (impersonal) laws at work in the world around me. 

Truth 7:  "God does not bless people."   I receive grace (abundance, peace, joy, well-being and love) as a function of what I feel, believe about life, and myself in relation to the Divine.

Truth 8:  My life is a reflection of choices, conscious or unconscious. When I do not recognize my choices, I live on automatic pilot, aka "default."

Truth 9:  "Everyone is born to fulfill a divine purpose." I have everything I will ever need to fulfill that purpose.  

First things first for me today, is to realize I have been given these truths to help me correct the mistruths I have been carrying this past several months.  

Now, to live with these in mind and heart--to become unstuck.  

And thank you, Vyanla

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