June 22, 2015

An Opening in the Woods of my Heart

"Start where you are," is such an inviting title. I appreciate it, Pema, even if I don't believe I am worth starting again. And again. Haven't I been somewhere near here before? Why this again, at my age?

Is it true that so many other people are seeking to relate to their feelings of wounded-ness (auto-check won't even allow me to spell the word!)?  Is it true that they (and I) really want to relieve the suffering of others around us? Actually I feel like I can't help others, and doesn't that mean I don't want to?

Pshaw.  I'm moving on. I wholeheartedly love the words of promise that I will end with today. For this I thank you Pema.

"When we find we are closing down to ourselves and to others [there are instructions] on how to open. When we find we are holding back, here is instruction on how to give.  That which is unwanted and rejected in ourselves and others can be seen and felt with honesty and compassion."  

We're told of the power of lojong, mind-training. And, to open our hearts, we use tonglen, where we take in and send out, and thereby connect with the softness in our hearts.  Not shielding, not hardening, not turning away.

Bring it on!  Let me breathe in Spirit, widen my circle of compassion, if I am ready. If I am not ready, help me to open to my own broken heart, and let Spirit heal me. 

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