June 12, 2015

Inching Towards My Inner Critic

Slowly slowly I am approaching the understanding that the Inner Criticizer in me.   One beautiful secret is that I may be able to invite this part of me to let me know what it is worried what will happen to me. "Hello, concerned one, what are you worried about?"

The second secret of the Inner Critic, is that it is powerless to act, that is why it uses such harsh tactics. It is not in the driver's seat.
Something that is powerless and very concerned is going to be harsh and critical, by its very nature.

Third secret is that I am not the target of my Inner Critic. I find this amazing, actually.  Can it really be that I am not the criticized one inside of me?  That I can turn towards the Inner Critic in curiosity?   What if I could turn towards the parts of me that are reacting to the Inner Critic and be with them, in kindness and compassion.  

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