July 2, 2015

Prayer for a Belated Father's Day

Dearest Dad,

I cannot believe how time flew right by Father’s Day this year!  It did not help me that we had plans to vacation out of state. Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee if you care to look it up. 

I kept forgetting to stop packing for the trip, and stop in for a card. I did try to call on the actual day, but it seems we don’t have the best phone numbers for you right now, as you and mom have gone to cell phones and the voice mail is not yet set up.

I am sending you lots of love, despite this glitch. 

Your daughter, V

PS:  Please realize that now that you are 88, 
 feel time is of the essence for us as a family. 
We love you very much.

I yearn to be able to
Touch base with you
Whenever I can

Also, your brother Burt got news
Of his mortality
For Father’s Day.

He is loving you
big enough to forgive
50 years of separation
If you can only pick up
The phone…

Take the chance
(time heals, I know it)


  1. Ah dad, you never tried. I forgive you, as does my Uncle Burt, who passed on July 24, in the year of our Lord, 2015.

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