January 24, 2016

Admitting, the Power of Talking

-->Step One is the best place to commit to a steady recovery:  "Admitted we were powerless over our emotions-that our lives had become unmanageable."

What do those words say, exactly?  Admitted.  This is put in the past tense and in "we" language.  Admitting happens first of all inside of me, and I alone can do it.  Then it comes into my speech.  

I don't just admit powerlessness through rote words.  No,  I begin to describe the details that show unmanageability.  Admitting that my old ways did not work, too.   Is it harder to admit,  when I have been in program a long while?   Yes,  I know I thought I was doing program before I slipped, so maybe there is no hope for ME in program?  

Not so fast to give up on myself because my program was not "good enough" to keep me from being a paragon, showing years and years of unwrinkled recovery.

Some of us here have years of recovery (and potential wisdom) to share, some of us think we have no recovery to share.  Of course, none of us, especially long-timers,  wants to be the first person to admit they have had a relapse.  Some of us do wish to be the last, receiving accolades forever for our good work.  But we need others to help, so that we keep the ball rolling. 

 My unmanageability is what brought me to the rooms,  admitting I am powerless makes me one, with each of you.

"Talking about it, just saying a few words, is often enough to help."  Introduce yourself on your blog and send me a link so we can witness your progress.

Talking about it, helps me to be just another person seeking healing in the context of the Group, where each person shares a bit of hope, by whatever they chose to share here.  Even if I have had a major relapse, complete with hospital stay, I belong in the place of hope.  The person who has relapsed most recently is the most important person here.

The power and the mystery of sharing this, will hopefully  keep even me, and you too, (if you feel I am telling your story) coming back.

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