January 22, 2016

P.A.U.S.E. as a Program Tool when Emotions Take Over

The emotion I am studying today is boredom.  Of course it is not by choice but by necessity. I ran from the depressing finale of Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath, into the arms of boredom.

Instead of wrestling with myself because I don't like my feeling of boredom,  I lean into it, Attend to the emotion, with love and Allow Understanding and Sense it in my Body,  I experience Empathy (which is healing).  When I can describe the feeling in my body, truly experience it, then I find self-empathy.

I did this largely because my teacher, Suzanne Noel, has stressed the use of PAUSE in our Focusing  (ALA Eugene Gendlin), which she is adapting for 12-step groups.   Noel uses the acronym to make Focusing techniques accessible to 12-steppers of all stripes.  Her  acronym for PAUSE invites us to first,  Pause, then Attend Unconditionally and Symbolize our Experience, to find self-Empathy.

I put it more simply for those of us who are emotionally bound. Instead of indulging or fighting a problem emotion, I look within.  I lean into it. I Attend to it, with love and Allow Understanding and Serenity to Emerge.  When I can describe the feeling, or experience it, then I find self-empathy.

By saying, "Hello Boredom, what are you hear to teach me?" I paradoxically find enthusiasm and peace!

In my personal practice today with boredom, is that showing up to write was the trick to pull me out of a nosedive.   Thanks Suzanne.  Your invitation to  experience PAUSE  may be the beginning of new self-empathy and healing.You have allowed me the long-denied luxury of writing, about program!

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  1. I like to use the acronym Pause as an invitation.

    The Power is in the Pause.

    Pause to find Awareness of a cunning emotion.
    Let Understanding percolate
    and the Still Small Voice bring


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