January 28, 2016

Experienced at Magnolia Grove, Autumn 2013

In gratitude, I will water seeds of compassion...  And when you suffer some... Please call me, I will come.

A wave does not search for water.  

As we learn to forgive ourselves, we can forgive others.

If we want to experience Jesus Christ, it is in the here and now that you can be with Him.   Pain and our joy are in the present moment. The bell brings us home.  

Our ancestors' joy and suffering are in every cell of our being.

The  3rd Mantra is darling I know you suffer and that is why I am here.

4th Mantra is when you suffer, you lock your room and cry, but say, "leave me alone!"  That is said so as to punish the person you love.  

Instead, say "darling I love you, why do you want to keep your suffering to yourself?"  Indeed, your suffering is my suffering.  When the pain comes up, now I know how to breathe and how to look deeply within and share this suffering with my beloved.  

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