March 24, 2016

Taking Your Work to the Big Tent

While I belong to a very helpful list serve in EA (Emotions Anonymous), it has stricter boundaries than I sometimes need.  Truly, I find it really helpful to fellowship with others who have AA, NA and Alanon experiences.  That's when I take my work out into a member-initiate list serve for 12-steppers that is housed in the Big Tent.

When I need to share a finished work, complete with cited quotes, that borrow from Sister program (or inspirational authors outside of program),  I take my work out into the world out of the small tent of EA's top down list serve, into a bigger, softer, member-initiated Tent.  We still have good boundaries, but they flex to allow signature quotes and a group conscience vote when needed.

I have a choice and so do you.  We are an autonomous accepting group of Emotions Anonymous members who dare simply to be ourselves and co-create a recovery method that is no holds barred.  Ask me about how to join a tolerant program that interweaves problems with people, substances, places, things and emotions.

If you'd like to the next step and participate daily in a path to emotional healing, using EA's Twelve Steps, please join us our autonomous group on Big Tent at

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