March 23, 2016

When I paint outside the lines

What does it mean when I find myself using outside quotes in my shares?

Well, in one autonomous group online, it means absolutely nothing. In fact, it is welcomed.

In the other, official online group that represents the highest level in our hierarchy, and where we are not allowed a group conscience vote, to use a quote and give credit to the source, is to be in violation. 

I am trying to mention our autonomous group on this official forum, as God knows, we all need a place where we can learn to do group conscience votes, and the online group on Big Tent is the place to do it. 

I don't do too well with Catch-22's, but I am in one. I am not allowed to use outside quotes, even if they are quotes from long-dead authors that are only complementing my own share and thoughts.  I am also not allowed to mention the existence of the autonomous group on Big Tent in this larger forum. Our group on Big Tent is smaller, has lower email volume and encourages deep thinking and real discussion that we cannot do on the master list serve. I only want to mention its existence once a month or so, but no, I am not given that privilege.

I would grant that privilege to others on the smaller list serve. We are free to mention the Eanon list serve in our shares.

I don't want to understand how my desires are wrong; after all, it would help the master list serve to have others participating more frequently in smaller forums. 

Oh well, I must stop beating my head on this one...

Love, V

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