December 22, 2016

Revisiting Relapse With Kindness

I am using the Reflection for Today from my EA program, to notice notice how I back away from myself and "look for the bad." 
I have, unwittingly, put my Inner Critic in the driver's seat of my life, and this inadvertently led to a relapse last November.
This past month, I kept bringing up the relapse, so as to be fully honest about it. But now I see that is still a way to put the Inner Critic in charge! I have taken the "admission" of Step One to an extreme, which has truly resulted in my being unkind, almost harsh. I have not allowed the truth of the relapse to simply BE. I have been judging myself, instead, by insisting that I NOT forget what happened.
Instead I need to learn to be kind to myself. I need to do this, even as I find myself daily revisiting the location of my relapse each time I drive my car across town.

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