January 3, 2017

Blank Pages on Which to Write My Recovery

This year is a book of blank pages on which I will write a record of my experiences and my growth through the daily use of EA ideas. I turned to the Twelve Steps as a last resort because I was living with a problem that was too much for me. I know I can deal with this problem through applying EA principles through my thoughts and actions every day. If I allow myself to be influenced by what the person still suffering from emotional problems says and does, I will make blots and smears on the pages of my year. This I will avoid at all costs. 

I can live my life one day at a time. What if I have  to take it one hour at a time, reminding myself constantly that I only have authority over one life—my own?

Let me realize that nothing can hurt me when I lean on my Higher Power. Please guide my fingers through the most tractable parts of my mind, that are open to change. Each hour and each minute, let me remember to bring every problem to Him, or I know He will show me the way I need to go.

Jan 1, ODAT

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