January 1, 2017

Courage to Re-Appy Criticism

Dear program friends,  

Since the winter of last year (2015), I've been coming to more fully realize how delicate we all can be, who are in private communication here, even as we seek recovery, and we grow stronger.

I too would tend to say we're safe here, AND we also get to have more, hopefully gentler, insight that helps us in our personal inventory. (But those last us's and we's may only apply to me).

Every time we read the Helpful Concepts in our face-to-face meeting, I am called to ask myself, "Do I live by EA's Concepts everywhere I do my program? 

There is a reason that one of these Concepts reads, "We do not judge, we do not criticize, we do not argue..."

Today I feel how vulnerable I AM to criticism, even when it comes to me within the boundaries of our program.

I'm needing specific insight into how to apply outside criticism, to the inventory we do  in program. Your experience, strength and hope welcomed.

On a growing edge in this newest of years, Smitty

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