April 13, 2010

April 13: Why kindness?

If I don't know how to respond to a situation today, why not try responding with kindness? Whether I accept or turn down a request, agree or disagree with someone's point of view, I can still treat the other person with respect and courtesy. I can say, "No," as gently and lovingly as I can say, "Yes."

Today I can honor my decisions without being defensive because I respect my right to make the best decisions I can. Even when others are not happy with those decisions, I can behave in a way that feels good for me. Others have the right to disagree, to feel differently, to be disappointed, to feel differently, to be disappointed. I can respect that right and still stick to my principles.

Relationships are complicated because people are complicated. We each our own ideas, valued, and hopes, and they can't always coincide with the desires of those we love. Disagreements can be healthy and enlightening if we view them as a way to develop and deepen our relationships. Kindness and respect for everyone concerned will go a long way towards making this possible.

Today's Reminder

Today I will try to view every conflict as an opportunity to heal. I will honor myself by responding with courtesy.

"The highest form of wisdom is kindness." The Talmud


  1. I like the quote from the Talmud. Kindness is important.

  2. Copyright infridgment comes to mind first thought. Loser was my second one. This website is a farce was my third thought.

  3. JC, I think you could have stopped with your first sentence. I think the trail from my last year's blog work tells a very different story than the one you have told.

    At first, I did not understand that putting Alanon literature at my own fingertips was infringing on copyright.

    The issue of copyright can and will be addressed. Promise.

  4. Addressing it now. One month at a time. January to August of 2010 I was an innocent realizing that the literature of my Emotions Anonymous program did not adequately guide me in making peace with my self, and detaching from my dry drunk, with love.

    Again, I would say this, your comments to me, "loser" and "farce" are unnecessary. I had thought by simply getting honest in my posts beginning in August, I had done enough.

    I am honoring the suggestion of your words, and letting the abusive aspects go. Your inventory, not mine.


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