November 15, 2010

Humbled... but not humiliated

Been a humbling day, but I need not humiliate myself about it. I will get to share tomorrow with my sponsor if the issues seem pressing tomorrow..

My challenging emotion, anxiety, got the better of me today, and there is no more time left to share details. I guess it is a lesson to me, in how easy it is for me to worry, to find fault with myself and obsess on all of it.  Then it becomes hard for me to know really, "How important is it?"

At this point, if what I am worried about is important, it is too late!   As I'll get to revisit the issues tomorrow,  sleep is a good intermission..


  1. Fear and anxiety are always about the future.
    feelings are not facts, they just are-
    ground yourself in the present and let go...
    Rest well-

  2. Fear is my roughest teacher~ With fear I want so much to run away.... It is a paradox you bring up Izzy.... to ground myself in the present. I shall remember this...


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